Envision Ecorse! is a short term project organized by the City of Ecorse to help establish a long-term vision and shared set of goals for the future of the community (www.ecorsemi.gov).

Joyce A. Parker, Ecorse Emergency Manager, has invited all citizens to participate in an aggressive and engaging series of community conversations to develop a Vision for Ecorse in 2030 along with workable short-term and long-term goals to get there. City staff members assigned to this project include:

Dorcas McCreary, Assistant to the Emergency Manager
Karen Folks, City Attorney

The City of Ecorse is receiving assistance from LIAA, a nonprofit community service organization with 18 years of experience in conducting civic engagement projects throughout Michigan (www.liaa.org). Staff members from LIAA who have been assigned to this project include:

Joe VanderMeulen, Ph.D., Executive Director
Heather Seyfarth, AICP, Community Planner
Harry Burkholder, AICP, Community Planner
Matt Cowall, Communications Director

The City of Ecorse is also being assisted by the Michigan Municipal League (MML), a nonprofit member services organization serving all of the over 530 cities and villages throughout the state (www.mml.org). In addition to providing project support, the MML will continue to provide training and educational support to the elected and appointed officials of the City of Ecorse through the next year. Staff members from MML who have been assigned to this project include:

Heather Van Poucker, Director, Information & Policy Research
Luke Forrest, Program Coordinator, Information & Policy Research

This page last updated on 9/8/2011.

Community member speaking at the August 25 meeting